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Absorption Lithium Bromide Heat Pumps (ALBHP)

Heat Pumps of a Compression Type

Calorimeter "TRITON"

The Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The Device of Instantenous Boiling-up

The Universal Gas Analyzer

Complex District Heat Plants (CDHP)

The Treatment of Mixed Wastes in Thermal Plasma

The Gas Jet Plasmachemical Method for Film Deposition

The Heat and Mass Transfer Device

The Transformer Plasmatron

The Vortex Grinder

Boilers Using Coal-Dust Fuel: Plasma Ignition without Mazut

The Laser Doppler Anemometer 2D-LDA ABC

Super-High-Vacuum Diffusion Pumps

Regeneration of Petroleum Oils


Vortex Scrubber

Shock-Wave Technologies for the Processing of Mineral Resources

Vortex Suction Device for Local Air Cleaning

Vortex cooling devices
Hydro-Ejection Soil Suction

Thermo-controlling Hothouse Cover with Enhanced Heat-saving Properties

Light Source of Induction Type




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