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Hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer under the conditions of free and forced convection as well as wavy processes are theoretically and experimentally studied at the Institute. Wavy processes are being studied for one-phase and two-phase flows in porous and grained media, as well as in elements of porous systems such as slot channels and channels with a complex geometry.

Experimental studies of heat transfer between  one-phase liquid and surfaces in grained media allowed one to determine the universal law of heat transfer during turbulent filtration. This law has been proved theoretically. The results of the complex theoretical and experimental study of transfer processes in narrow slots (the Hele-Shaw cell) demonstrated the possibility to use these results for the modeling of heat and mass transfer in porous media following the linear resistance law. They also determined the applicability limits of the above analogy.

The existing complex of experimental setups allowed researchers at the Institute to examine systematically heat transfer in film boiling and condensation on the surfaces in porous media. A theory that deals with these processes has been developed. It allowed us to analyze the effect of different factors on heat transfer.

The main regularities of capillary hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer are being studied for two-phase and two-liquid flows in porous media and small channels. Developed investigation methods are based on physical models of the two-phase flows in the channels with a complex configuration and size smaller than that of a capillary constant, as well as in the large sets of pores.

The theory of the non-equilibrium repulsion of immiscible liquids in porous media, viscous fingering, capillary retaining of phases, and a two-phase flow in small rectangular and slot channels has been developed. The experimental study of the ascending gas-liquid flow in a slot channel showed that a new cellular flow regime formed in the channels with a slot smaller than the capillary constant. The role of capillary forces was established for two-phase flow in small rectangular channels.

It was shown that the determining process was the contraction of liquid into the channel's corners. A theory of this flow has been suggested. It considers the thinning of a liquid film by capillary forces and the formation of dry spots.

Intensification methods were suggested for heat and mass transfer under constrained conditions, including channels of the compact heat exchangers. Studying heat transfer at the ascending gas-liquid flow in a device with a ball bed, it was determined that in the area of the plug and bubble flows heat transfer in the flow's core increases by orders. The coefficients of heat transfer with a wall also significantly increase. A theory for burst boiling was developed for super-high heat fluxes on a surface without nucleation centers. A common theory of the compact heat exchangers was created on the basis of previous works.

Problems of the nonlinear interface stability were considered for the immiscible repulsion of oil by water or gas in porous media. The formation of the surface structures and their nonlinear interaction on the repulsion front in uniform, stratified, and macro nonuniform porous media were studied theoretically and experimentally.

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Cellular gas-liquid flow in a ring channel.

The setup for studying heat and mass transfer in a porous medium.

The setup for studying fluid flow through a ball bed.

Heat transfer for a two-phase flow in a ball bed.

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