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Since the 70es our Institute has performed research on wave propagation in a multiphase medium with distinctive nonlinear relaxation and dispersed properties.
    Increased interest in the wavy dynamics of gas-liquid and vapor-liquid media developed from numerous practical applications in power engineering, rocket technique, and chemical technology.
    We predicted in theory and confirmed by experiment the existence of completely new modes of pressure wave propagation in gas-liquid media with various internal structures. These wavy regimes are: stationary shock waves with an oscillating or monotonous structure, sole waves (or solitones), quasi-linear wavy packing. We discovered the existence of «oscillating» solitones and the anomalous law of wave decay in bubbly polydispersed media. The regularities of dynamics and inter-phase heat and mass transfer at a single gas (vapor) cavity were investigated in detail. During this studying, we discovered the formation of cumulative jets, the development of surface perturbations and structure decomposition.
    The strong waves in gas-liquid or vapor-liquid media (with different internal structures) were systematically studied, as well as their amplification.
    The effect of anomalous «non-acoustic» wave reflection from a solid wall was experimentally studied. We discovered the existence of «acute» solitones in a bubbly gas-liquid media and investigated the evolution laws of these objects. Quasi-stationary shock impulses were determined as a typical amplification regime in the bubbly vapor-liquid flow. The amplitude threshold of their generation was determined. A set of high-amplitude impulses is a typical structure of amplified shock wave in the plug gas-liquid flow.
    These studies of wavy dynamics in saturated porous media were initiated by applications for discovering new oil-and-gas deposits, and increasing their resource output. These problems appear also in the geological and geophysical investigations of the bottom of the aqua sphere, as well as in the running of metallurgic apparatus and in new chemical technologies.
    The dynamics of pressure waves was studied both theoretically and experimentally for consolidated and nonconsolidated porous media which are liquid (or gas-liquid) saturated.
    Thin liquid films are unique physical objects for the study of fundamental regularities of instability's evolution, nonlinear wavy structures, and for the study of transition from a laminar to a turbulent flow. The exhaustive pattern of waves on the liquid film surface was created at first priority. All possible modes of two-dimen-sional waves and the evolution of single perturbations were described experimentally. We developed the nonlinear theory of two- and three-dimensional perturbations. In particular, the solutions of solitone's type were studied, and among them - a three-dimensional solitone in the dissipating medium.
    The mechanisms of heat and mass transfer intensification by waves were explained.
    We described spiral waves in the dispersing media. New regularities of the wavy flow were determined when we studied the stability of limited liquid layers (rivulets). A special emphasis was put on the transfer processes and the stability of a film flow in the presence of the turbulent gas flow.
    We predicted theoretically and discovered experimentally the existence of the unique phenomenon a rarefaction shock wave in a substance with parameters close to the critical point of a vapor-liquid system. It was revealed that the stationary shock wave in a such media is much wider than that in a gas. This rarefaction shock wave was registered as an invention in 1986.

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Waves structure in a gas-liquid medium: a group of solitones, a single solitone, and a wavy packing.


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