4th International Retreat on Vortical Flow and Aerodynamics (IRVA4) Печать

October 1 – 3, 2018

Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, SB RAS

Lavrentyev ave., 1, Novosibirsk, 630090, RUSSIA


The 4th International Retreat on Vortical flow and Aerodynamics (IRVA) is focused on the advances of science and technology and the new achievements in vortical flow and aerodynamics, including theoretical issues and application on vehicle and animal aerodynamics. Following the spirit of IRVA-1 (Beijing, 2009), IRVA-2 (Shanghai, 2013), and IRVA-3 (Beijing, 2016) the Retreat will be of small scale, top level and with intensive brainstorming for which the participants of IRVA-4 will have enough time in the end of each half-day section on this year’s special topics:

  1. Flow control and drag reduction;
  2. Vortex structures, instability and breakdown;
  3. Numerical simulations of vortical flows;
  4. Experimental testing of turbulent flows;
  5. Industrial and Natural Aerodynamics: mimicking or competition;
  6. Aerodynamics of high-speed transport.

In each half-day session, the discussion will feature keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations finishing by common discussion about the future development of the specified science directions. The IRVA as the 2-years regular event will be organized by CAAA (Beijing), DTU (Copenhagen), IT and ITAM of SB RAS (Novosibirsk) to provide a state-of-art overview in the vortical hydro- and aerodynamics.

We cordially invite all scientists interested in the IRVA-focus to join us.

Important dates:

Deadline of extended abstracts

May 30, 2018

Acceptance notification

May 30, 2018

Final registration

August 30, 2018

Conference Dates

October 1 – 3, 2018

Abstract template  you can find here.

Registration form for participants from Russia you can find here.

The registration form for participants not from Russia (for visa registration) you can find here, also some useful information about visa application you can get from this note.

Registration fee: 350 €; for students 200 €

Academic committee:

Honorary Chairs: James C. Wu, Sergey V. Alekseenko

Co-chairs: Peng Bai, Valery Okulov, Jens N. Sørensen

Aleksandr Dekterev, Xueying Deng, Yasuhide Fukumoto, Thomas Gerz, Yunsong Gu, Martin O.L. Hansen, Guowei He, GertJan J.F. van Heijst, Viktor Kozlov, Pavel Kuibin, Thomas Leweke, Zhenbing Luo, Anatoly A. Maslov, Guoliang Mao, Doug McLean, Robert Mikkelsen, Dmitry Markovich, Qing Shen, Mao Sun, Aleksandr N. Shiplyuk, Clara M. Velte, Jens H. Walther, Jinjun Wang, Shixiao Wang, David Wood, Chuijie Wu, Jianghao Wu, Xilin Xie, Jiezhi Wu, Shihe Yi, Yongliang Yu, C.C.Chang, Shuhai Zhang

Local Organizing Committee:

Pavel Kuibin (chair), Igor Naumov (co-chair), Sergey Shtork, Margarita Kashkarova, Mikhail Timoshevsky, Aleksandr Kosinov, Xiaoyan He, Knud Eric Meyer, Tao Wang, Wubing Yang, YongliangYu,

Contact information:

Margarita Kashkarova, Mikhail Timoshevsky, e-mail: irva4(0)itp.nsc.ru or irva4.18(0)gmail.com