4th International Retreat on Vortical Flow and Aerodynamics (IRVA4) Печать

October 1 – 3, 2018

Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, SB RAS

Lavrentyev ave., 1, Novosibirsk, 630090, RUSSIA


The 4th International Retreat on Vortical flow and Aerodynamics (IRVA) is focused on the advances of science and technology and the new achievements in vortical flow and aerodynamics, including theoretical issues and application on vehicle and animal aerodynamics. Following the spirit of IRVA-1 (Beijing, 2009), IRVA-2 (Shanghai, 2013), and IRVA-3 (Beijing, 2016) the Retreat will be of small scale, top level and with intensive brainstorming for which the participants of IRVA-4 will have enough time in the end of each half-day section on this year’s special topics:

  1. Flow control and drag reduction;
  2. Vortex structures, instability and breakdown;
  3. Numerical simulations of vortical flows;
  4. Experimental testing of turbulent flows.

In each half-day session, the discussion will feature keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations finishing by common discussion about the future development of the specified science directions. The IRVA as the 2-years regular event will be organized by CAAA (Beijing), DTU (Copenhagen), IT and ITAM of SB RAS (Novosibirsk) to provide a state-of-art overview in the vortical hydro- and aerodynamics.

We cordially invite all scientists interested in the IRVA-focus to join us.

Important dates:

Deadline of extended abstracts

May 30, 2018

Acceptance notification

May 30, 2018

Final registration

August 30, 2018

Conference Dates

October 1 – 3, 2018



Program of 4th International Retreat on Vortical Flow and Aerodynamics on Sept. 28!

Title of the session

Invited speaker


Flow control and drag reduction

Yunsong Gu


Vortex structures, instability and breakdown 1

Shufan Zou


Vortex structures, instability and breakdown 2

Vladimir Dulin


Numerical simulations of vortical flows

Aleksandr Dekterev


Experimental testing of turbulent flows

Clara Velte


10.00-14.00 REGISTRATION


I session  01.10.2018

Chairmen: Yunsong Gu, Victor Kozlov, Martin Hansen


Gu Yunsong, Li Qiang, He MengJie: Potential for Active Flow Control in Aircraft-Control of Forebody Flow Asymmetry in High-Angle Flows (invited lecture)


Zverkov Ilya, Kryukov A.V., Evtushok G. Yu.: Determination of the local separation zone for the boundary layer of the varioform section (VSF) wing


Katasonov Mikhail, Dovgal A., Kozlov Viktor, Pavlenko Alexandr: Laminar flow perturbations generated in near-wall shear layers by local surface vibration


Bai Peng, Liu Chuanzhen, Liu Qiang: Vortex structure and effect analysis around the double swept wave rider

16.05-16.25 Coffee break


Zhou Chao, Zhang Yanlai, Wu Jianghao: Effect of flexibility on unsteady aerodynamic forces of purely plunging airfoil


Pavlenko Alexandr, Katasonov Mikhail, Primakov Anton, Kozlov Viktor: Investigation of localized perturbations in a swept wing boundary layer, generated by finite surface vibrations


Hansen Martin: Vortex Generators for wind turbine blades


Yang Jinwen, Chen Haixin, Zhang Yufei: Asymmetric plane diffuser separation control with the Karman-vortex generator


Lyu Yu Zhu, Zhu Hao Jie, Sun Mao: How small insects fly


II session  02.10.2018

Chairmen: Maarten Vanierschot, Yasuhide Fukumoto, Victor Kopiev


Wu JieZhi , Zou Shufan: Fundamental issues on the concept and theory of induced drag in incompressible steady and viscous flow. (invited lecture)


Derzho Oleg: A wave model for axisymmetric vortex breakdown


Zhu Bowen, Yu Yonglang: Vorticity dynamics analysis of forces acting on morphing fish body


Ran Zheng: A new class of exact solution of viscous vortices

10.50-11.00 Coffee break


Lyulin Yuriy, Kreta Alexey, Kabov Oleg: Study of vortex flows induced by evaporative convection within liquid layer


Nakayama Katsuyuki: A mechanism of flow transition into a vortex in isotropic homogeneous turbulence


Nikulin Viktor, Panenko Roman: Characteristic distance and time for turbulent exchange between vortex ring and surrounding medium


Kuibin Pavel, Shtork Sergey, Skripkin Sergey, Tsoy Mikhail:On modelling of the pressure pulses induced by the vortex ring impacting on a wall


Kopiev Victor, Zaytsev Mikhail, Akhmetov Darvin, Nikulin Victor: Aeroacoustic of large-scale vortex rings generated by explosions in cylindrical chambers

12.50-14.00 Lunch

III session  02.10.2018

Chairmen: Vladimir Dulin, Katsuyuki Nakayama, Chen HaiXin


Dulin Vladimir, Alekseenko Sergey, Markovich Dmitry, Shtork Sergey: Coherent vortex structures - (invited lecture)


Okulov Valery, Sørensen Jens, Fukumoto Yasuhide, Wood David: Real history of helical vortices: theory and applications.


Fukumoto Yasuhide, Okulov Valery: Asymptotic expansions for motion of a curved vortex tube with elliptically deformed core


Lückoff Finn, Oberleithner K.: Open and closed loop control of the precessing vortex core in a swirl-stabilized combustor

15.50-16.10 Coffee break


Aleksyuk Andrey, Shkadov Viktor: Three-dimensional vortex structures in the near wake behind a circular cylinder


Volov Vyacheslav, Lyaskin Anton: Numerical study of secondary swirl effects in supersonic rotating gas and plasma flows


Naumov Igor, Okulov Valery, Podolskaya Irina, Sharifullin Bulat: Developments of the instability in the cavity flows


Shtork Sergey, Litvinov Ivan: Unsteady vortex flow regimes in a model draft tube of hydro turbine


Dulin Vladimir, Lobasov Alexey, Alekseenko Sergey, Markovich Dmitry Contribution of large-scale vortex structures to mixing in turbulent swirling jets. a study by PIV/PLIF  methods


IV session  03.10.2018

Chairmen: Alexander Dekterev, Peng Bai, Robert Mikkelsen

08.45-09.00 Awards ceremony


Dekterev Aleksandr, Gavrilov Valery, Minakov Andrey, Sentyabov Andrey: Numerical simulation of swirling flows. Models and applications (invited lecture)


Dhone Mahesh, Kornev Nikolai: Comparison of grid-based and grid-free method for wing tip vortex structure resolution


Gao Ankang, Liu L. Q., Wu J. Z.: Far-field signature of trailing vortices in viscous and compressible flow


Pakhomov Maksim, Terekhov Viktor: The effect of droplets thermophysical properties on the particles scattering and heat transfer in a two-phase confined swirling flow

10.50-11.10 Coffee break


Vanierschot Maarten, Zhang Yang: On the capability of URANS for predicting the coherent structures found in annular swirling jets


Zhu Zhibin, Bai Peng, Liu Qiang: The formation and evolution of laminar separation bubble on the Low Reynolds Number Airfoil


Gao Ankang, Zou Shufan, Wu J.Z.: The role of leading-edge vortex in thrust generation of heaving ellipse


Chen Xaixin, Zhang Yifei: Wing optimization design of a propeller aircraft based on actuator disc method


Minakov Andrey, Platonov DmitriyDekterev Dmitriy, Sentyabov Andrey: An experimental and numerical study of vortex rope reconnection phenomenon in Francis turbine

12.50-14.00 Lunch

V session  03.10.2018

Chairmen: Clara Velte, Zheng Ran, Alexander Kosinov


Velte Clara, Buchhave Peben: Investigations of spatial properties of turbulence (invited lecture)


Buchhave Preben, Velte Clara: Dynamic evolution of turbulent power spectra after injection of a single oscillating mode

15.10-15.30 Jiang Xianyang, Lee C.: Revisiting low-speed streak in wall-bounded flow: an experimental view


Pakhomov Maksim, Lobanov Pavel: Experimental and numerical study of a non-isothermal bubbly flow downstream of a channel sudden expansion

15.50-16.10 Coffee break


Mikkelsen Robert, Bernini L, Cormier M, Serdeczny M.: Dynamic pitching of the SD7032 low Reynolds airfoil for model scale floating wind turbine test application


Kosinov Alexander, Panina Aleksandra, Semionov Nikolay, Yermolaev Yuriy: Features of the natural and controlled disturbances development in the boundary layer of a flat plate under the action of weak shock waves


Yu Min, Yang Wubing, Yuan Xiangjiang: Study of nonlinear interaction between Görtler and Mack modes in hypersonic boundary layers


Kabardin Ivan, Yavorsky Nikolay, Meledin Vladimir et al.: Noncontact diagnostics inside the Ranque-Hilsh vortex tube with square cross-section


Kabardin Ivan, Pravdina Margarita, Yavorsky Nikolay et al.: Development of the scaled model of the gas flow distributer for catalytic gas emissions neutralization



10.00-14.00 – Excursions, visits in laboratories.

19.00-21.40 – The ballet «Swan Lake»



Academic committee:

Honorary Chairs: James C. Wu, Sergey V. Alekseenko

Co-chairs: Peng Bai, Valery Okulov, Jens N. Sørensen

Aleksandr Dekterev, Xueying Deng, Yasuhide Fukumoto, Thomas Gerz, Yunsong Gu, Martin O.L. Hansen, Guowei He, GertJan J.F. van Heijst, Viktor Kozlov, Pavel Kuibin, Thomas Leweke, Zhenbing Luo, Anatoly A. Maslov, Guoliang Mao, Doug McLean, Robert Mikkelsen, Dmitry Markovich, Qing Shen, Mao Sun, Aleksandr N. Shiplyuk, Clara M. Velte, Jens H. Walther, Jinjun Wang, Shixiao Wang, David Wood, Chuijie Wu, Jianghao Wu, Xilin Xie, Jiezhi Wu, Shihe Yi, Yongliang Yu, C.C.Chang, Shuhai Zhang

Local Organizing Committee:

Pavel Kuibin (chair), Igor Naumov (co-chair), Sergey Shtork, Margarita Kashkarova, Mikhail Timoshevsky, Aleksandr Kosinov, Xiaoyan He, Knud Eric Meyer, Tao Wang, Wubing Yang, YongliangYu,

Contact information:

Margarita Kashkarova, Mikhail Timoshevsky, e-mail: irva4.18(0)gmail.com