IIIrd All-Russian Scientific Conference

"Thermophysics and Physical Hydrodynamics"

with the school for young scientists
Yalta, Republic of Crimea, 10-16 September 2018

Makarov Maksim Sergeevich

+7(383) 330-60-44

+7(952) 916-08-27

Smovzh Dmitry Vladimirovich

(accommodation in hotel) +7(913) 921-95-55

Savchenko Igor Vasil'evich

(registration fee) +7(923) 222-46-33


Scientific directions

The conference themes are:

1. Heat transfer and hydrodynamics in single phase flows
  • natural and forced convection
  • turbulence
  • subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows
  • vortex and swirling flows
2. Hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer in multiphase flows
  • gas-liquid flows
  • dispersed flows
  • bubble cavitation
  • surface phenomena, liquid films and droplets
  • gas and liquid filtration in porous media
  • structural nozzles, fluidized beds
3. Phase transitions
  • boiling, evaporating, condensation, distillation
  • melting, crystallization
4. Reacting flow dynamics, detonation processes
  • chemical reactions and combustion in homogeneous and heterogeneous systems системах
  • high-speed and pulse processes in reacting media
  • gaseous, condensed and multiphase medium detonation
5. Numerical methods in thermophysics and physical hydrodynamics
  • classical approaches in numerical thermophysics and hydrodynamics
  • molecular dynamics method, Lattice Boltzmann method and smoothed particle hydrodynamics method
6. Techniques of thermophysics and hydrodynamics experiment
  • optical flow diagnostic techniques (PIV, LIF, IRT, CARS, etc.)
  • X-ray, synchrotron and electrophysical diagnostic techniques
7. Thermophysical properties of substances and new materials
  • basic thermophysical properties of pure metals and alloys, pure gases of their mixtures, pure liquids, mixtures and solutions
  • thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of solid materials
  • calorific value of fuels
  • emissivity, degree of blackness
  • melting point and boiling point of various substances
8. Heat transfer and hydrodynamics on micro- and nanoscales
  • flow and heat transfer in micro- and nanocannels
  • heat and mass transfer in the phase transition in ultrathin liquid films
  • heat pipes and microreactors
  • self-organization on micro- and nanoscales
9. Electrophysical phenomena in gaseous and liquid media
  • low-temperature plasma
  • impact ionization
  • processes of heat and mass transfer in gas discharges
  • ion transport in membranes and fuel cells
10. Heat transfer and hydrodynamics in industrial processes and environment protection
  • ecological aspects of energy
  • building thermophysics
  • gas analysis