Participants can find comfortable accommodation at the hotel "Zolotaya Dolina" ("Golden Valley"). The hotel offers four room categories: Standard (single and double), Junior Suite (single), Suite (single and double) and Apartments.

Several ways to get to the hotel
from the bus stop "Vokzal-Glavnyi" (Main Railway Station):

- by bus No. 8;

– by subway from the station "Ploschad Garina-Mikhailovskogo” to the station "Rechnoi Vokzal" and then continue by bus No. 8 or shuttle No. 35(1235) to the bus stop "Tsvetnoy proezd";

– by suburban train from the station "Novosibirsk-Glavnyi" to the station "Seiatel" in the southern direction, then walk to the bus stop "Dom Byta" (about 5 minutes), take the bus Nos.7, 47, 72, 109, 139, 211, 280 or shuttle Nos. 7, 380 to get to the bus stop "Tsvetnoi Proezd";

From Tolmachevo airport the Hotel can be reached:

– by buses Nos. 111э, 122 or shuttle No. 312 to the bus stop "Vokzal Glavnyi" and then proceed according to abovementioned.

Getting around the campus

The Institute of Thermophysics is within walking distance from the Hotel (15-20 minutes); public transport is also available:

– from the bus stop "Otel Zolotaya Dolina" to the bus stop "Zelenaya Roscha" by shuttle No. 380 or by bus No. 280;

– from the bus stop "Tsvetnoy Proezd" to the bus stop "Institute Teplofiziki" by buses Nos. 8, 23, 47, 52, 52k, 72, 109, 139, 141, 211 or by shuttle Nos. 15, 35, 325.