Research fields
  • Turbulent flows, heat and mass transfer in single-phase media, heat exchange enhancement
  • Transfer processes in physical and chemical transfomrations, including combustion
  • Heat and mass transfer at phase transformations and multiphase flows
  • Wave mechanics of gas-liquid systems
  • Low-temperature physics
  • Thermophysical problems of power engineering: energy efficiency and energy saving
  • Thermophysical bases of alternative and hydrogen energy
  • Transport processes in micro- and nano-systems
  • Thermophysical properties of substances and radiative heat transfer
  • Non-equilibrium processes in rarefied gases and plasma

The Seminar Program includes invited (plenary), oral (sectional) and poster presentations. Special sections will be organized in honor of the 100th Anniversary since the birth of the first Director of the Institute of Thermophysics Academician Ivan I. Novikov and the 80th Anniversary of Academician Eduard P. Volchkov. The Organizing Committee will award commemorative diplomas to the best presentations selected on a competitive basis.